Favisan. Calendar Leaves.

           Being a graduate from The Chemical Engineering Faculty in Timisoara, Virginia Faur opened a narrow door and entered the world of inventors, 35 years ago. She patented an anti-rheumatic ointment, being sufferers help of Nature. It was the first step on a way that was going to open her many unsuspected outlooks. Other medicinal products followed: for otitis, liver-biliary diseases, skin care, to stop the evolution of the diabetes and even the inhibition of the cells anarchical dissemination, such happens in case of cancer. The passion for the plants study answered, at the beginning, following her friends and colleagues of work request. Everything happened in a deep silence, without any hubbub, every time a new confirmation that the formula was well thought, the patent was coming. It was her willing to know more. Our medicine, chemical industry was not interested in these patents, while Italian, Dutch and German companies asked her co-operation. She has taken part in invention symposiums. The research on her own record totalized, at the end of 1989, 106 patents, most of all being medicine.

A New Beginning

          Virginia Faur took part to The International Congress of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Washington, in 1991, and to other two congresses at Germany, in 1992 and 1994. There she had the chance to become a member of The International Pharmaceutical Federation .Virginia Faur started, together with three other persons, the tea, lotion, ointment production, in 1992, under all these years obtained knowledge. Her home- improvised laboratory enlarged in two other rooms. After a year, she hired a three-room apartment. More and more people hoped to be healed by the natural cure under the sign VIRGINIA FAUR-FAVISAN-ROMANIA. The staff was made by 11 people, a year later, and was working in a two- room house. The today building was erected the next two years and the staff increased at 35 people, and, when the building became narrow, workshops were built there on a surface of 750 square metres , a warehouse for the plants on an area of 650 square metres, in1996, and other workshops , built outside the city, increased the number. The number of employees: 55.
          Meanwhile the production diversified a lot: from four products to over 500. The laboratory apparatus endowment, the machines and the up-to-date equipment prove the noticeable increase of the productivity and the volume of production. The Nature Chemism , controlled intelligently, becomes a healthy life ally.
          Favisan changes, from a day to another, in an educative area according to God Laws, on the fundamentals of a positive thinking, with a balanced nutrition, as a defining part of a healthy life. The Doctor Nature magazine is the source of correct information regarding the self-care. The five books about health, under VIRGINIA FAURs signature, bring more trust to this approach. It is the effort to offer mild and effective solution- a natural way to heal, carrying out the hope and happiness of a life lived quietly, with spiritual content and light.